THOMAS NAST (1840–1902)

An American garibaldino

An account of Giuseppe Garibaldi’s invasion of Sicily and southern Italy in 1860 from the viewpoint of nineteen-year-old Thomas Nast, who was sent to draw original illustrations for the Illustrated London News and New-York Illustrated News and became attached to the self-appointed dictator’s staff



America’s pioneering sculptor in Italy

A leading Italian authority on sculpture assesses Greenough’s oeuvre in this first major monograph to appear on one of the country’s most original and influential artistic minds



An amateur American photographer in Rome, 1859–1877

A survey of the painter’s hitherto unknown albumen photographs, their function within the artistic and domestic setting of the Chapman family (his father was the artist-etcher John Gadsby Chapman and his brother the painter Conrad Wise Chapman), and the influence of two family friends, the renowned photographers Pietro Dovizielli and Robert Macpherson, on his facture



An American painter-memoirist

An annotated edition of Freeman’s two volumes of memoirs, Gatherings from an Artist’s Portfolio (1877) and Gatherings from an Artist’s Portfolio in Rome (1883), provides crucial historical context and insight into artist life in nineteenth-century Italy


ELIHU VEDDER (1836–1923)

An American Macchiaiolo

A consideration of Vedder’s Italian landscapes within the scope of his larger studio practice and as they correspond to broader trends in Ottocento Italian landscape painting, especially the Macchiaioli and Etruscan School


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